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nightli gold

First 200 members receives limited edition gifts + an invitation to the launch party!

So make sure you get notified first! Scroll down to read more.

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Request early access

Price will be 129 SEK/month and features are announced closer to the release.  Do you want to be contacted about GOLD before everyone else?

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This is nightli gold

More about the new gold features and special give aways will be announced up on release.

nightli ticket system

Secret event location

Gold will be a big boom! Therefore we invite all first 200 members to the launch party with artists and more!

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Guestlist perks

Better chances of getting accepted to guestlists!

events on nightli

Discounts and event offers

Premium discounts at picked events and partner deals

nightli gold mobile
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VIP priority

No standing in line and table service on selected events.

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Unique profile

Get information about the club and event that can't be viewed anywhere else!

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Special gifts from partners

We have partnered with selected brands that may share their a free sample of their products with you!

Frequently asked questions

You are always welcome to contact us, we always strive to improve!

Can I skip the lines/queues with nightli gold?

nightli questions

On some clubs yes, it will be displayed in the event. We can't guarantee that ALL bouncers or clubs will allow it, but we will let you know ahead of time when it is possible! The more clubs our app gets the better gold becomes, thank you for your support. :)

When is nightli gold being released?

nightli questions

It is not official, but our goal is to release it after summer 2022. Before then we have some coding to do!

Can I get a discount on nightli gold?

nightli questions

Yes it is possible, try join our OWL program as a brand ambassadeur!

How will I be contacted about nightli gold?

nightli questions

Phone or email, we will try not spam you :)