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More nightclubs and events with nightli's membership

Nightli plus can be purchased directly in the nightli app via google pay or apple pay. The montly subscription includes unique features when using nightli and gives extra points while partying. Download nightli to try it!

This is nightli plus

Unlimited guestlist and group sizes at all nightclubs nightli offers.

Frequently asked questions

You are always welcome to contact us, we always strive to improve!

Can I skip the lines/queues with nightli plus?

FAQ nightli

No, unless told by the nightclub. Nightli gives you unlimited use of the nightli app, we cannot guarantee special treatment from the nightclubs.

When is nightli plus being released?

FAQ nightli

November 30, 2022. Let's party!!!

Can I get a discount on nightli plus?

FAQ nightli

Yes, we have an early bird discount for the first users on the new app!