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Connecting creators at nightclub take-overs

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June 11th

Pre-party at Stureplan

Aug 13th

Launch at Le Rouge

Sep 30th

Gold event at Hilma

Thank our partners

We are currently in the process of closing sponsorship deals that will help finance the events. Do you know a business looking for exposure, contact us!

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Connecting creators

Finally there will be creative events built by creators and for creators. We will party, make movies, take fun pictures and build unforgatable memories together. This is also a fantastic opportunity to network and make collabs.

Nightclub take-overs

Since nightli don't own any venues we have partnered with nightclubs using the nightli app to provide suitable venues for each event concept.

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Nightli gold access

We will record during the events and create amazing content together. The concept is ment to connect creators but of course you will receive access as a nightli gold member as well. Check out our previous content!

Questions and answer

Each event has a unique vibe and therefore rules might change. However, we will do our best to answer your questions!

Do you need nightli gold to attend?
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On most events, to make sure you don't miss out we recommend registering as a gold member both for icon events and nightclub happenings.

Is a creator an infuencer?
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It could be! However, creators can be anyone loving to produce amazing content on social media.

Is everyone at icon events famous?
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No, but you will probably find some familiar faces on the dancefloor. :)

How do I get access to icon events?
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All icon events are exclusively on the nightli app, we both publish guestlists and offer tickets there.