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EasyNightclub tools
for all event staff!

Nightli's custom nightclub tools are popular among Swedish nightclubs in Stockholm, Malmö, and other cities. We help clubs make guest lists, the entrance check-in, invitations, ticket sales, management, and marketing easy so staff can spend more time enjoying your parties!

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Nightclub app for venues of all sizes

Manage as many clubs as you like and get more visitors for free! 🎵

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Fast guest list

Nightli's easy-to-use guest lists for nightclubs helps you stay informed at all times with names, images, arrival times and more.

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Staff accounts

We allow for unlimited staff users no matter how large your club is. All we care about is that your nightclub and event runs smoothly.

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Add guest and send invites

Preparing for an event requires flexibility since situations can vary. So, we let you both add visitors manually to the guest list and generate links that lets guests do the work for you!

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Private or public club

Event system works for any party. We have a private option for more exlusive events and a closed guestlists or public open events.

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Tickets with QR

Sell the items of your choice directly on the app and get your personal ticket website. Then let guests check in with a QR code and offer credits to increase your brand loyalty!

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Recieve list requests

Accept or decline requests from our network of visitors . Perfect for membership clubs!

What partners say about us

We everything from satisfied nightclubs, venue owners, student party and event organizers!

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It was super easy to work with nightli and we succesfully launched a new partnership to help students host parties.


We started using nightli for our private events during COVID-19 to manage requests and increase visitor retention. I was happy to add my own features and take part in the development process with new ideas.


Besides helping with guest list management and ticket sales. Our nightclub recommends nightli because the app also entertains the guests before and after they attend the events. The extra app experience makes us confident that visitors will come back again and share our club with their friends.

Partner, Sense

I loved nightli's concept from the start and wish more businesses would choose to join their platform with us!

VD, The Public Club

Partnership examples

Let us visit your nighclub!

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Easily run or launch a nightclub venue without having to worry about administration and marketing nightli's platform.

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Frequently asked questions

You are always welcome to contact us and discuss the nightlife scene!

Is nightli's guest list system easy to use?

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Yes, the demanding nightclub enviroment has forced us to make the guest list quick to load, easy to navigate and customizable if changes would occur. In addition, large parts of nightli's guest list is automated since we put heavy focus on minimizing the staff workload in stressful situations.

How many staff users can my business have at the same time?

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Unlimited, we don't want to limit your clubs ability to scale and therefore let you add as many co-works as you like, making nightli very price competitive compared to other event softwares.

Can my venue sell more than tickets on nightli?

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Yes, you can enter any item you wish visitors to pre-purchase before arriving at the venue and save time in the check in process. However, important is that you stick to local laws and regulations as nightli don't cary any responsibility for the items you choose to sell. Contact nightli if you like to know more!

I don't want my event to show for everyone, can I still use nightli?

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Yes, nightli has multiple ways to run an event. In your case, we recommend publishing a private or exclusive event so that only select people can view it on the app.

Does my guests have to download nightli or can I just sell on Facebook?

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No, all business users receive a complementary website for ticket sales and visitor login. Just publish your entrance offering and link this website to your Facebook event and everything should be alright.

Looking for more nightclub visitors and a great guestlist?

Please don't hesitate to contact us and we will create your club profile in no time!

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