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Learn Everything About Swedish Nightlife (P.2)

Party Blog
March 19, 2021
Learn Everything About Swedish Nightlife (P.2)

These are questions often asked when going out clubbing in Sweden.

Nightli's team will do our best to answer them based on our clubbing experience.

If you can't find what you are looking for we recommend trying this link. Now, lets get started!

  • Where can I get in for free when out clubbing?

Theoretically, you can get in for free at any nightclub. However, in practice, it depends on your nightlife history (show bouncer your level), time of arrival as stated in many Facebook events, and personal connection to the club.

  • How do I receive free access to a nightclub?

We recommend arriving early at the nightclub, sign up too many Facebook events, adding tons of connections in nightli or use your earned loyalty credits for free access in the app.

A nightli night-owl using the app.
  • How can I skip the line at a club?

Generally, we suggest not passing others in line because it can both rude and appear pushy before the bouncer. However, some clubs offer quick access/VIP line with apps or depending on the promoter you used position. In the end, the best way to ensure fast entry is party often in nightli because the club will see this!

  • Where do guys and girls go out?

Nightclubs work hard trying to keep their events neutral and justifiable ratio that is acceptable to their guests. Therefore, we cannot provide any suggestions here other than keeping an eye on discover mode in the nightli app for a better overview.

  • How do you flirt at Swedish nightclubs?

For those of you that are new to Swedish nightlife, we recommend taking it slow and playing slightly hard to get before rushing in! Maybe try to start a conversation outside the nightclub.

  • How do I book a table?

Either call the nightclub, contact them on their website, or use the nightli app to receive a table and points.

  • What should I tell the bouncer?

Remember to be honest and kind to the event personnel since they have stood there all night. Also, have your ID ready and it is best to have kept the drinks below 2-3 before entering.

  • Can I get money back on a ticket?

Short answer, it can often be difficult to receive money back from the organizer for event tickets. However, we recommend you read the terms carefully and the good news is that even though you missed the event. It is still possible to use the paid wardrobe, vouchers, coupons, or similar at the next event!

  • Why wasnt't I allowed in the club?

This is completely up to the bouncer’s perception, something that can vary a lot depending on the occasion. They have the responsibility to protect the club as well as other guests, so be on your best behavior! Easy tips to improve your chances with eachbouncer is earning a high level on nightli, do not push in line, keep your voice down, mind your drinking, dress for the occasion, and strategize your group composition with friends.

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