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Nightli 2.0 helps bar visitors as the world is opening back up

Company news
June 21, 2021
Nightli 2.0 helps bar visitors as the world is opening back up

While corona forced many night-time businesses to close, Nightli has used the restrictive period to improve the app for guests going out visiting nightclubs and bars with the most recent update Nightli 2.0.

This has been a long awaited update for the social commerce app and its loyal night-time followers. As nightli continues its goal of connecting nightlife businesses with visitors going out the community aspect plays a critical role for both parties. Nightli has gained a significant amount of users during corona thanks to its social media channels and concept. However, to continue using the app, all users need to update their version due to the many changes. The most significant changes are on the community side of the app where guests going out can help each other stay informed with signals dropped on a location. Now, thanks to the most recent update, there has been a real upgrade.

nightli map signals friends
Nightli's map with friends and signals

Nightli's users could previously only drop emojis (icons) on the map but now pictures are included to provide a more accurate "picture" of the situation shared on the map. In addition, text sections, map timers, and party stickers can be added to the signal similar to many other popular communication apps on the market. The new feature also becomes a useful tool for business users, promoters, and others selling on the app who want to share the inside of their venue live at night. But perhaps even more significant was the new "happening" feed that went live where users can find both interesting live locations but also places from last week and endorse signals to help others going out. Altogether the new update has really given nightli the network effect!

The nightli app has the updated logo & new notifcations

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