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Nightli explores partnership with

Company news
April 17, 2021
Nightli explores partnership with

A Nightli and partnership?

The goal is to make student parties less expensive and easier to manage for those looking to organize events 2022 or when restrictions are lifted. is one of the most popular venue booking sites with over 100 available locations in Stockholm. The site connects party organizers and others with the perfect venue depending on the size of the party, food options, and more. 

The Swedish nightlife app nightli has maybe the best event management software for nightclub organizers needing an effortless check-in process and ticket/guestlist sales to their event.

Now, why is this partnership so important for student organizers?

For years students have been struggling with finding venues for their yearly parties in Stockholm and have been forced to unreasonable terms due to monopolized market. Students have booked nightclubs and sold inconvenient paper tickets at expensive rates. Therefore, the goal of the partnership is to combine the best of 2 worlds. Bokalokal will help students find their perfect venue online with just one click, then nightli will remove all the physical selling and make organizing the event a piece of cake. The future of student party planning will finally be all digital and inexpensive!

To schedule, plan, and run a student event - follow this link: - festlokal i Stockholm
Party venues in Stockholm at

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