Swedish Nightlife Questions & Answers

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March 19, 2021
Swedish Nightlife Questions & Answers

A Guide to Nightlife in Sweden

This is especially accurate for nightlife in Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö and based on nightli´s experience working and partying.

Here are some often asked questions about Swedish nightlife and nightclubs and the best answers to our knowledge:

  • What are the best places to go out in Stockholm, Sweden?

This depends a lot on your personal preferences and what you expect when going out. However, to give you an idea of the different options, two popular places are Stureplan at Östermalmstorg (central Stockholm) and Slakthusområdet near Globen (south Stockholm). Stureplan is often known to focus more on Table service/expensive taste while Slakthusområdet provides open dancing.

  • How do you get on a guestlist in Stockholm?

The old school method you probably have heard about is finding a promoter through common friends or social media (like nightli). Then, text this person your name, age, and group size, if you are lucky the person will reply with either free or paid entrance before a set time. Now, an easier way is downloading a nightlife app like nightli and receive guestlist on your terms. Use it consistently (high-level) to start receiving free entry, basically like flight miles.

  • How do I get my friends on the guestlist?

Either text all the details about your friends to a promoter or create a party group on the nightli app. Shared guestlist, tickets, and entrance is displayed under the ticket icon in your profile!

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  • Where can I find promoters?

This can often be tricky if you have no previous connections in the city. We recommend downloading the app and start adding connections when going out, you will often find the promoters in the club entrance. Sometimes, you can look at the nightclub's website and they will have a contact form for the promoter!

  • How do I find nightclubs in Stockholm?

We recommend you downloading nightli and check-out “discover mode”. Nightli displays many clubs that you can access directly on the app and afterward earn loyalty points to make the next visit easier. However, other good websites (especially if you are new in town) are www.visitstockholm.com or one of the many nightlife groups on www.facebook.com sharing events.

  • What events are there tonight?

All events, along with tickets and lists are nicely structured in the nightli app depending on date and time. You can also visit different city websites who have event calendars like https://www.goteborg.com/. Finally, do not be afraid of asking people you match with on for example https://tinder.com/ or meet at the bar while pre-gaming.

  • Where can I find less crowded nightclubs and bars?

The local governments are doing their best to help people stay safe during Corona times, please follow their guidelines before considering going out at night. However, one of our missions at nightli is to keep you informed and therefore we will try help you to the best of our efforts on the app.

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