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Top 50 most downloaded App

Company news
March 18, 2021
Top 50 most downloaded App

Record amount of organic traction during a pandemic

"Nightli - My Social Nightlife" shortly passed popular dating apps such as Bumble in the lifestyle category on appstore.

It was late November when nightli all of a sudden exploded on Appstore and started climbing the ranks in the lifestyle category. This suprised certainly suprised the nightli team since almost all competitors as well as the nightlife scene was in a stand still due to the corona restrictions issued. However, the explosive boost in traction was no coincident! Nightli's nightlife community grew thanks to the following events:

  • A new app update that included the nightli map and signal that allowed users to share what's happening tonight with the community.
  • Increased social media engagement on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok.
  • A loyal following recommending nightli to their friends.
nightli - My social nightlife ranked #48 in the lifestyle category.

Nightli is very grateful for everyone chosing to both try the app and stay on the nightlife platform even thought nightly venues are forced to close at 20:00pm in Sweden (making it diifuclt to use the app). In our opinion nightli is the best way to explore venues when going out with our without friends in Sweden. But it is tricky when people are forced to sit at home.

It is also worth mentioning that we recieved a lot of kind reviews from people that tried the app while partying. We wish to continue this great streak and hopefully party goers will help spread the word to both nightclubs and friends so that we can grow the community.

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