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Frequently asked questions

You are always welcome to contact us and discuss the nightlife scene!

I can't attend my event, can I get my money back?
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Short answer is that you are unfortunately not guaranteed money back for tickets. It is up to each organizer to make that decision, so we recommend you to try contact them! However, if the event was cancelled the must communicate to how and when you will get your money back. It usually takes up to 21 bank days. If the event is re-scheduled it is up to the organizer to decide whether your ticket works at the new event.

I didn't get in to the club, what can I do?
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We are sorry to hear that and will try help! Common reasons for being denied access to the club bouncer is for example a heavy consumtion of alcohol or the safety of other guests inside the nightclub. Therefore, unfortunatley, there is not much to do the day after. However, for your next club visit we recommend eating before your visit and making eye contact with the bouncer when entering the venue. :)

How does nightli store my user information?
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We use a trusted and established partner called Amazon Web Services to store user infromation. Amazon is populare among many larger companies and one of the leading companies when it comes to storage safety. See Privacy Policy.

How can I delete my nightli account?
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Contact nightli and we will manually remove your account since we are a small startup!

I noticed an app error, who should I contact?
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We are super greatful for the help reporting errors so that we may improve the app! Please email and include screenshots etc in the description if possible.

Is your nightclub interested in posting events on the app?

Please don't hesitate to contact us!
Nightli can help you with marketing, guestlists, and much more.

contact nightli for help with your nightclub or event