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Outside the nightclub sucks, we will make it fun!

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About us

nightli Ⓡ was founded 2020 at KTH innovation in Stockholm and is a nightlife app that helps its users see what's happening tonight and apply to nightclub guestlists when going out.

During 2 years of corona the app bootstraped and reinvented itself. From a B2B guestlist app for nightclubs to a community for nightclub guests. Today, post-pandemic, nightli's community has acheived 25 000+ downloads without need for a marketing budget.

Nightli is the app to go for when going out! - Gunnarzzzz, Appstore

Nightclubs using nightli has so far appreciated the changes made to the app now that they can have an easier time marketing their events to guests and can save time communicating with visitors. Contact us if you are intrested to know more.

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Come on, it will be fun!

Working at nightli is all about having fun, just like going clubbing. Why build a company, app and work all night long if we can't enjoy it. Nightli shares the excitment and joy clubbing gives people and makes it easily accessible wheteher you are new in town, a loyal clubber or anything in between.

We are on a mission of the experience outside the nightclub, bar or event fun and are constantly looking for new talent that shares our passion for nightlife. If you are confident in your skills and want to contributed, send us an email or connect with us at any of the following social accounts:

Have fun with team nightli

nightli ceo Henrik
Get access to nightclub guest lists.
friends going out to nightclubs.

Elias Svedlund

Community Manager

nightli ceo Henrik
friends going out to nightclubs.

Henrik Hellbe

CEO & Founder

nightli COO tomas
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Tomas Zhou

Nightclub Advisor

Event specialist
nightclubs in my city

Karol Öman

Event specialist

Is your nightclub interested in posting events on the app?

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Nightli can help you with marketing, guestlists, and much more.

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