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Sell tickets online to your event, festival or nightclub

Free ticket website for selling eventtickets online to your event or festival. Ticket organizers have 100% functionality such as Klarna payment, login, credits, QR, customer export, analytics, flexibel comission and more.

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We help you sell tickets online!

Festivals and event organizers selling tickets online with nightli enjoy all functionalities of your typical ticket provider plus free marketing for events!
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We help you sell tickets online!

Contact us us and set up your tickets sales in minutes, we got everything you need and more:

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Ticket functionality
Mange and market events, ticket discount codes, QR check-in, sell tickets on-site, sell mutliple tickets online, limited deals, customize, change commission, live orders, move bookings, give out credits, move events.
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Help with marketing
Market you event online and get google optimization and tracking for top search results. Add nightli marketing for free on our app for 50 000+ nightclub visitors and optional exposure on our tiktok chanel!
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Customer analytics and ticketing data
Collect customer ticket data from past events and re-market for the full event series. Track purchases with our advanced analytic tools and add our guestlist software for your most loyal customers.
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3 best things with tickets on nightli

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All the functions online

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Easy to learn and time saving

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Free marketing

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We offer additional help to nightclubs that want to either create a improve their website for their club brand or connect nightli's guestlist to their existing website.

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Frequently asked questions

You are always welcome to contact us and discuss the nightlife scene!


Which are the best bars in Stockholm in summer?

Some of the most popular bars in Stockholm during summer time are Strandbryggan, Tetto, Orangeriet and Mossebacken.

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Which are the best nightclubs to visit in Stockholm during the summer?

Generally speaking, some popular nightclubs in Stockholm include; Josefina, Trädgården, The Wall or F12 Terrassen etc. You can find some of the most popular nightclubs in Stockholm in the Nightli app.

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How do I get more guests attending my nightclub event?

No, all business users receive a complementary website for ticket sales and visitor login.

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I don't want my event to show for everyone, can I still use nightli?

Yes, nightli has multiple ways to run an event. Private or Public.

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Can I add my own guests to the guestlist?

Yes, you can enter any item you wish visitors to pre-purchase before arriving at the venue and save time in the check in process.

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How many staff users can my business have at the same time?

Unlimited, all for free.

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Is nightli's guest list system easy to use?

Yes, the demanding nightclub enviroment has forced us to make the guest list quick to load, easy to navigate and customizable if changes would occur.

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Im not recieving an email from nightli during login

Check the spam or try a different email address

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