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Visit nightclubs, nightlife events, and bars nearby

Our nightlife app helps you apply to the nightclub guestlist or book a table.

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How to join the nightclub guestlist

3 step guide to get in touch with nightclubs on nightli's app: find nightclubs, join the guestlist, and check-in.

Find nightclubs in sweden and get in touch with nightli

1. View all Swedish nightclubs nearby

Discover the nightclub location and learn key insights about the club before going out and apply to ongoing events.
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Find guestlist or book a table at nightclub in Sweden

2. Select a guestlist

Active events at nightclubs offers multiple guestlists for you to request or book a table. You may also find ticket links at some events!
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1. View all Swedish nightclubs nearby

The nightli map displays all nightclubs in Sweden including:

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Find ongoing events
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Nighclubs create events on days they are open with age requirements, open hours, and guestlists for you to access.
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Learn about the venue
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Nightli has Swedish record in nightclub visits and shares important information on the app for you to take part of.
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2. Select a guestlist

Active events offers guestlists posted by the nightclub, options may vary depending on the venue:

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Send a guestlist request
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Instead of texting with a promoter you may request one of the nightclubs published guestlists. Recieve a reply notification directly in your app profile and save time planning the night.
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Book a VIP table
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We help you get in contact with the nightclub and schedule an effortless table booking after you both have a agreed on the spending limit. No cash upfront unless decided by the venue.
Ticket link in nightli
Purchase tickets
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Nightli works with all digital ticket providers and you will be linked directly to the ticketing page. You may purchase any amount of tickets without nightli plus.
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request guestlist at nightclubs nearby

How does a guestlist work?

find nightclubs and events on nightli

Send a request to the club staff

Including your profile information.

Get nightclub guestlist on the nightli app

Get a notification with approval

You can still be declined entrance.

Buy tickets on the nightli app and get rewarded

Say your name + ones in the entrance

The bouncer will look for your name.

nightclub guestlist using nightli

3. Check in at the nightclub

Nightclubs using nightli has their own business profile with unlimited staff accounts, guestlist management, and event statistics!
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guestlist for nightclubs using the nightli app

3. Check in at the nightclub

Each nightclub has their own business profile with following functions:

Import nightclub guest list
Staff accounts
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The nightclub may add bouncers, promoters and managers to make the check-in process as easy as possible at no charge.
How do I publish an event?
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Guestlist management
Nightli's guestlist is easy to use and allow for both manual entry from promoters and requests directly from the nightli app.
Compare nightli with guestlists
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Event statistics
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View data on your nightclub visitors and follow up on the performance of your promoters. Export the most important information!
Business profile

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