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Share live experiences and build a better nightlife together.

See what's happening tonight and go out partying at possibly the best nightclubs, bars and event venues! Try the social nightlife now:

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Nightclub & nightlife app

The nightli app has everything you need when going out and helps you find the perfect party experience tailored to your preferences!

Create a nightclub profile on the nightli app

Become a star customer at your favourite venues

Save your visitor profile while clubbing and bring the benefits with you when traveling.

Find freinds going out partying on the nightli app

Easy access to events, guestlists and tables

It can be confusing going out clubbing, but don't worry, with only one click you can get accepted to fun events!

Find nightclubs and events in my city using nightli

Find amazing nightclubs and bars

Find maybe the best nightclubs or events and get rewarded with discounts and loyalty bonuses.

Help finding nightclubs and events in nightli

Recieve help from others out clubbing

Discuss night-time information and see what's happening tonight live anywhere in the world.

Learn everything about nightli in 2 min!

Nightli originates at KTH innovation and has since grown a ton. But we never forget where we came from and this pitch from 2020 nicely introduces the key aspects of our nightlife app.

Nightclub event managment

Nightlife community for guests

Transparency & social responsibility

How to access events

find nightclubs and events on nightli

Find activies, events or clubs!

See venues position on nightli's map or in the friendly feed.

Get nightclub guestlist on the nightli app

Get or request entry to an event

Order or contact the venue directly to get fast access to the event guest list.

Buy tickets on the nightli app and get rewarded

Recieve approval directly and check-in

Ask the bouncer to check you in at the nightclub to recieve points for visiting!

Find clubs & bars

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