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July 8, 2024

Nightclubs visby 2024

All nightclubs during Stockholmsveckan

Nightclubs visby 2024

All nightclubs during stockholmsveckan at Visby, Gotland 2024

Stockholmsveckan is one of the biggest party weeks in sweden from July 15 to July 20, 2024. All guestlists can be found on the nightli app or purchase tickets to Kallis.
Kallis is the biggest nightclub and is open between 13:00 and 18:00 during the day. But at night, this is the list you need of all nightclubs:

Open nightclubs at Visby, Gotland with age limits:
  1. Panorama by Kallis, 18+
  2. Gutekällaren, 20+
  3. Munkkällaren (Munken), 18+
  4. Luna, 18+
  5. Kasai Visby, 18+

Closed nightclubs this year

Hamnplan 5

Find the location, tickets and guestlist by download our app!

Listed all on this video summary:

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How does the VIP wristbands work in Visby?

The VIP wristbands makes it possible to go in a separate line into the club

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What is Stockholmsveckan, Visby?

It is a party week when young adults from Stockholm visit Gotland.

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Where do you go out in Visby?

Clubs to go out at in Visby are for example, Kallis, Rosengården or Gutenkällaren

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