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May 28, 2023

The new nightli app reaches 20K downloads

After a successful re-launch of the nightli, the app as yet again reached 20,000 downloads!

The new nightli app reaches 20K downloads

The new nightli proves to be a slam-dunk success growing from 0 to 20,000 downloads in only its first months!

Since the re-launch of the company 2022 the new nightli app has been live for only appx five months and has already reached 20,000 downloads. Something that took years on the previous app version. But what has been the driving success factor for the new nightli app?

It has been a combination between organic growth in social media, with strong committment from our followers and loyal partnerships with nightclub venues that appreciate what we are trying to accomplish. Henrik Hellbe, CEO.

The rapid growth in social media is not only driving downloads, it has built impressive partnerships with artists such as Steve Angello and event organizers like Big Day. Today nightli has reached almost 1,000,000 likes on TikTok alone and are averaging appx 1,2 million views on the platform each month. Nightli has also began expanding its social network on platforms like Snapchat, Pintrest, Linkedin and Youtube. But what about the app?

When rebuilding the app we made a conscious choice to remove functions to make the app faster and easier to navigate for both nightclubs and guests. In the coming months we will begin to add back features loved buy our early users. Henrik Hellbe, CEO.

Nightli recently participated on Techpodden talking about the re-launch of the business, watch the full interview here.

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