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Create a free guestlist for your nightclub event

Organize your nightclub events on nightli and make it easier for yourself and your team. Our app saves money, time, and grows your guestlist.

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All-in one guestlist system for clubs

Nightclubs using our guestlist system will enjoy: adding guests super fast, unlimited staff accounts for promoters and bouncers, plus track and axport event statistics.
Create a free guestlist
guestlist for nightclubs using the nightli app

All-in one guestlist system for clubs

Download the nightli app and then contact us to open business profile with event guestlists and:

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Add guests super fast
Enter 1000+ names on the guests in one click with our free text option and add comments for the bouncer. Plus, guestlist requests requires no writing, simply swipe.
How to accept guestlist requests
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Unlimited staff account
We do not charge any extra. Add as many promoters or bouncers as you like to your business profile.
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Track and export event statistics
Nightli keeps track for your guestlist and check-in during the event. Afterwards you may export contact information for marketing.
Create a free guestlist

Why should my club pick nightli?

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100% free guestlist

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Save time adding guest

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Grow your club brand

Connect nightli to your nightclub website!

We offer additional help to nightclubs that want to either create a great website for their club brand or connect nightli's guestlist to their existing website.

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Frequently asked questions

You are always welcome to contact us and discuss the nightlife scene!

Is nightli's guest list system easy to use?

FAQ nightli

Yes, the demanding nightclub enviroment has forced us to make the guest list quick to load, easy to navigate and customizable if changes would occur. In addition, large parts of nightli's guest list is automated since we put heavy focus on minimizing the staff workload in stressful situations.

How many staff users can my business have at the same time?

FAQ nightli

Unlimited, we don't want to limit your clubs ability to scale and therefore let you add as many co-works as you like, making nightli very price competitive compared to other event softwares.

Can I add my own guests to the guestlist?

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Yes, you can enter any item you wish visitors to pre-purchase before arriving at the venue and save time in the check in process. However, important is that you stick to local laws and regulations as nightli don't cary any responsibility for the items you choose to sell.

I don't want my event to show for everyone, can I still use nightli?

FAQ nightli

Yes, nightli has multiple ways to run an event. In your case, we recommend publishing a private or exclusive event so that only select people can view it on the app.

How do I get more guests attending my nightclub event?

FAQ nightli

No, all business users receive a complementary website for ticket sales and visitor login. Just publish your entrance offering and link this website to your Facebook event and everything should be alright.