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HYDE nattklubb

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Jakobsbergsgatan 15
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75 kr
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How is partying at this venue?

HYDE is a central nightclub located inside the MooD gallerian on a glassed in terrass. The area is called Eat Garden and they are playing urban dance music and R&B. Wardrobe is 50 SEK and Entrance between 110SEK and 150 SEK depending on the evening. Guestlist is available on the nightli app.

If you like to know more about Stockholm's nightlife visit:

HYDE nattklubb

HYDE nattklubb

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What does the club look like?

Nightli is visiting all nightclubs in sweden on our social media channel.

Questions and answers about

HYDE nattklubb


How do I find nightclubs in Stockholm?

We recommend you downloading nightli and view the nightclub map under “discover”.

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What should I tell the bouncer?

Have your ID ready and it is best to have kept the drinks below 2-3 before entering.

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What events are there tonight?

All events nearby your location along with tickets and guestlists are nicely structured in the nightli app

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