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Umgänget Nattklubb

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Location, age , prices and open hours

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Birger Jarlsgatan 22, 114 34 Stockholm
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High price
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Age 25+
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22:00 - 05:00

How is partying at this venue?

Umgänget nightclub can be found on Stureplan, Stockholm. Located in the same spaces as Prestige nightclub. While at Umgänget the entrance costs 200 SEK, the wardrobe is free, draft beer goes for 85 SEK, a drink goes for 165 SEK, and an age limit of +25. Umgänget stands out from the rest of the nightclubs on Stureplan, they play hip hop instead of house music that many other nightclubs do on Stureplan. The nightclub is open from 22:00-05:00 of course when the restrictions are gone. Umgänget fits perfect for you that loves to dance to the tune of hip hop.

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Umgänget Nattklubb

Umgänget Nattklubb

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What does the club look like?

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Umgänget Nattklubb

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