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Tripadvisor nightclub alternative Nightli helps you find clubs and events plus get access

Why are guests considering other nightlife apps when going out clubbing in Sweden?

Should I download nightli instead of Tripadvisor?

Tripadvisor is one of the biggest review apps for nightclubs. However nightli has a lot of great features to offer guest looking for nightclubs as well since it is a popular nightclub app. Here are some reason people download nightli:

Find guest lists at nightclubs

Nightli is among the fastest growing nightlife apps in Sweden and displays nightclubs of all types and styles in the app. It also possible to find some bars depending on if you are going out in Stockholm or a different city. However, clubbing in a Swedish city it is often important to get access to a guest list, you can find this directly in nightli with just one click instead of having to type to different promoters on for example instagram.

Get live nightlife tips

Get tips and suggestions about what is happening tonight from both your friends and an entire network of nightlife lovers using nightli. This way, it is always possible to stay on top about the best place to be tonight, the best nightclub, or simply avoid standing in line.

Add your friends and go out clubbing together

The best way of using nightli is to add your friends on the app before signing up to guest lists. This both helps you plan the night and you will get notified in the future when looking for events and things to do.

Attend and manage events

Guest's can attend and share event experiences directly on nightli. However, nightclubs and event organizers can use nightli business to manage their parties. This includes guest lists, staff, products, marketing and much more.

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