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Berns Nattklubb

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Näckströmsgatan 8, 111 47 Stockholm
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High price
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Age 23+
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23:00 - 05:00

How is partying at this venue?

"Berns nattklubb" or nightclub is one of the most traditional as well as largest nightclubs around the Stureplan area, Norrmalm. The venue at Berns can best be divided into four different floors with a circular stairway connecting the indoor bar, outdoor bar, entrance floor, and downstairs nightclub. However, loud dancing music is played all over the venue no matter where you are partying and the club often goes by different names such as Nostalgica on normal weekdays. Here are three more things that could be nice to know before you arrive at Berns nightclub:

  • It can be tricky to get on the guestlist unless you are at least 23+ years old. If your name is not on the guestlist be prepared to stand in line unless you arrive early. 
  • Berns nightclub has almost an opera feel to it. The large downstairs venue is also being used for "roasts" and so try to dress up appropriately when going out. 
  • The nightclub is mainly focusing on techno and dance with room for 300 people but a sound system for 1000 people according to Berns website. 

In addition Berns has a restaurant and bar next to the main entrance that specializes in Asian dining, see nightli visting here.

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Berns Nattklubb

Berns Nattklubb

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What does the club look like?

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Berns Nattklubb


How can I skip the line at a club?

Become a loyal visitor at the nightclub or buy a table

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How do I receive free access to a nightclub?

By arriving early with an approved guestlist you should be granted free access to a nightclub.

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How do I get my friends on the guestlist?

Select a nearby event and add your friends using the nightli app guestlist

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