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Cafe Opera is a famous VIP club at Östermalm, Stockholm near Kungsträdgårdem. The indoor venue has an antique Opera feel giving it a cool atmosphere to visitors. The nightclub also has an outdoor venue and a backdoor club called End open later at night. However, a common age at Cafe Opera is between 20-23 but on Wednesdays they are open for guests 18+. It is common to find popular DJs at the nightclub and if you are looking party at Cafe Opera we recommend the following:

1. Follow their dress code, the nightclub asks for "well dressed". However, if you want to be on the safe side go for business casual. 😉
2. Behave appropriately outside the nightclub while queuing, try to keep a straight face, and look the bouncer in the eyes while handing over the ID.
3. AND of course download nightli and connect with people visiting the venue, maybe you will get in contact with a promoter that can help with the guestlist!

Read our blog for more tips or download the nightli app and get help from our community of nightclub and nightlife enthusiasts!

Cafe Opera Nattklubb

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