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Fröken Vandal Nightclub

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Location, age , prices and open hours

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Hornsbruksgatan 24-26, 117 34 Stockholm
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Medium Price
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Age 18-23+
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21:00 - 03:00

How is partying at this venue?

Fröken Vandal nightclub is a restaurant/nightclub located on gorgeous Hornstull. No matter if it's Wednesday, Monday, or Friday evening you have always welcomed with open arms everything from a drink to sip on or a night of dance and much fun. On Wednesdays, they have their freshly started Wednesday club which has an 18+ age limit and is open from 21:00-01:00. On Fridays and Saturdays, the age limit is 23+ and is open from 21:00-03:00.

Fröken Vandal hade a total revamp of the whole concept and interial design. As a guest, you can expect a mix of music everything from the old classic songs like ABBA to house music and much more. Behind the new concept, we can find several well-known names from the entertainment industry. This venue is close to the pre-party location hosted by Nattklubb Stockholm we recommend you explore.

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Fröken Vandal Nightclub

Fröken Vandal Nightclub

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What does the club look like?

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Fröken Vandal Nightclub


Is nightli's guest list system easy to use?

Yes, the demanding nightclub enviroment has forced us to make the guest list quick to load, easy to navigate and customizable if changes would occur.

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Where can I find promoters?

You will often find the promoters in the club entrance.

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