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Kallis Visby

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Strandgatan 2, Visby
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95 kr
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How is partying at this venue?

The biggest outdoor party in visby with famous nightclub DJs and artist like Steve Aioki performing on a daily basis. Famous events are their white party and pink party where a ticket costs around 600 SEK which can be bought online or in the door. You can easily spot Kallis nearby the water all dressed in White with a beach floor. Check out Kallis on the nightli app.

Kallis Visby

Kallis Visby

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What does the club look like?

Nightli is visiting all nightclubs in sweden on our social media channel.

Questions and answers about

Kallis Visby


How can I skip the line at a club?

Become a loyal visitor at the nightclub or buy a table

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Can I get money back on a ticket?

It can often be difficult to receive money back from the organizer for event tickets

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How do I receive free access to a nightclub?

By arriving early with an approved guestlist you should be granted free access to a nightclub.

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When is Stockholmsveckan Visby?

Week 29, starting Monday and ending Sunday

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What is Stockholmsveckan, Visby?

It is a party week when young adults from Stockholm visit Gotland.

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What nightclubs are there in Gotland, Visby?

There are about 5 nightclubs open during summer. More during Stockholmsveckan.

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