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Kuma Nattklubb

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Hornsgatan 66b, Stockholm
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Medium price
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Age 18+
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22:00 - 03:00

How is partying at this venue?

This is a re-branding of Myst Nattklubb that is located inside Marie Levaue. It is a basement nightlub with a large LED wall in the back similar to its previous concept but with new decoration and interior. View our blogg about Myst to learn more or check out

Kuma Nattklubb

Kuma Nattklubb

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What does the club look like?

Nightli is visiting all nightclubs in sweden on our social media channel.

Questions and answers about

Kuma Nattklubb


Can I get money back on a ticket?

It can often be difficult to receive money back from the organizer for event tickets

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What clubs are open on Wednesdays?

Most clubs are open on Wednesdays and have reduced the age limit to 18+

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Do you have to pay to enter a nightclub?

No, guestlists makes exceptions!

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