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Nightli Kungsgatan

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Kungsgatan 24, 111 35 Stockholm
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How is partying at this venue?

This nightclub concept is closed since March 30 2024, please check out Nightli Stureplan instead at Norrlandsgatan 33, 111 43 Stockholm.

Nightli Kungsgatan is a nightclub concept between 21:00 and 01:00 inside Kings Fox pub bar. The nightclub is located upstairs, past the bar and is free to enter with a guestlist from the nightli app. They serve beer for 55 SEK and is a great venue for your after work or pre-party, close to stureplan. The age limit is 20 years or older and the decoration is classic pub interior but a light set-up that can compete with any nightclub. Table bookings can be requested on the instagram @nightli_nattklubb .

Nightli nattklubb is a franchise concept located at multiple venues around sweden transforming the colorful early nightclubs that is rich on energy and great party vibes! Guestlist with free entrance can always be found on the nightli app.

Nightli Kungsgatan

Nightli Kungsgatan

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What does the club look like?

Nightli is visiting all nightclubs in sweden on our social media channel.

Questions and answers about

Nightli Kungsgatan


Can I add my own guests to the guestlist?

Yes, you can enter any item you wish visitors to pre-purchase before arriving at the venue and save time in the check in process.

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How do you get on a guestlist in Stockholm?

Download the nightli app and apply for guestlist at the nightclub of your choice.

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How do I book a table at a nightclub?

Either call the nightclub, contact them on their website, or use the nightli app to request a table.

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