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Spy Bar

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Spy Bar is one of the most well known nightclub brands in Stockholm and it is not unusal to find influencers and local celebrities visiting. The club is located at Stureplan, Östermalm, age limit is around 23+ and is in the VIP category requiring either a guestlist or table reservation to enter. Spy Bar's venue is a large old apartment that has been re-designed to the highest standards yet keeping a classic look and feel. This is what it looks like at night.

Depending on your previous nightlife contacts Stockholm it can be somewhat tricky to access the guestlist, however try the following 3 tips to enter Spy Bar:

1. Ask your nightli friends if they know someone at the club or add someone at the location. The club usually requires some form of "recommendation" from staff before entering.
2. Try entering the nightclub on a Wednesday for starters. It is usually a lot easier and they often lift the age limit.
3. The nightclub is connected to a restaurant, so try book a table before the nightclub opens and then move over to the party venue! :)

Read our blog for more tips or download the nightli app and get help from our community of nightclub and nightlife enthusiasts!

Spy Bar

Spy Bar

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