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Nightli closes paid SoMe partnerships to continue growing the club app

Company news
November 22, 2021
Nightli closes paid SoMe partnerships to continue growing the club app

While some start ups pay for advertising space on social media platforms, Nightli has instead started making money to finance their downloads by offering other companies space on their account. Most popular is Tiktok!

During corona nightli started publishing videos on Tiktok to inform and spread awareness about the nightlife industry to young adults. However, like bars, events, nightclubs got back on their feet, nightli's account grew to an average of over 1 million views per month in Sweden. Today both the nightli app and Tiktok account are closing in on 20000 followers each.

We found a clear niche on one of the fastest-growing social media platforms and are continuing to prove that nightli has the correct needs assessment. Henrik Hellbe, CEO.

The rapid social media growth has both been a key contributor to the app's success in gaining traction and a financing tool to afford new users joining nightli. To verify user authenticity on the nightli app, accounts register via text message, an investment nightli is confident will pay off in the long run. But to afford the investment nightli has begun doing marketing partnerships with venues and businesses targeting young adults to help them gain exposure.

We are grateful for social media partners supporting our mission and not only view this as a financing tool but a proof of interest for future advertising possibilities on the nightli app.

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