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Nightlife & Events in Malmö

Party Blog
March 18, 2021
Nightlife & Events in Malmö

Nightlife & Events in Malmö

Travel destination near Denmark and Sweden’s 3rd largest city. Find a wide verity of clubs and pubs!

Nightclub density in Malmö is about the same as Stockholm or Göteborg considering its smaller city population. However, more popular places for clubbing and partying in Malmö are surrounding Stortoget and Lilla torget. These city areas offer everything from calm pubs and bars to classic dancing nightclubs and live music venues.

One of Sweden’s largest universities is also located just outside the city in Lund and hosts many fantastic parties worth checking out if you have a contact since they usually require a student ID. But Malmö venues plays more than just techno and dance music, its common to also hear rap music, rock, or local artists when going out. It can often be more acceptable to arrive at the club in larger groups here compared to Stockholm. Therefore, our recommendation is to add a couple of more friends to your party group in the Nightli app and access the venue early hour since the prices are fantastic. If you are looking for more tips on places to go out in Malmö, it can be worth checking out Thatsup.

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