Nightli supported by KTH Innovation

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February 12, 2021
Nightli supported by KTH Innovation

Among many strong applicants nightli Ⓡ was one of the few projects selected to participate in the KTH innovation pre-incubator program starting Fall 2019. The group of start-ups selected (Batch 10) are presented with office space, juridical support, experienced business advisors and more.

For Nightli's business, this support provides well recieved validation of project nightli Ⓡ and our mission of building a digital nightlife of the future. In addition, working alongside other successful start-ups inspires us to continue innovating and build a forward-thinking company culture.

We view this as a testiment that nightli is on the right track to making a big impact in the nightlife scene and help nightclubs improve their event managment - Henrik Hellbe, CEO

Henrik & Eric at KTH Innovation Pre-Incubator

Benefits from joining KTH innovation

If selected KTH Innovation helps startups go from an early-stage idea to innovation. It requires atleast 30% of the business to be KTH related and provides the founders with free support such as:

  • Business coaching
  • Funding support
  • Legal help
  • Office space

Read more at the KTH innovation website.

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