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Sweden's 20 best nightclubs 2022

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October 25, 2022
Sweden's 20 best nightclubs 2022

These are Sweden's 20 best nightclubs 2022 according to TikTok users!

Sweden's probably largest social account for nightclubs nightli recently created a vote for the best nightclubs in Sweden 2022. In the survey 415 swedish nightclub visitors voted. All voters were asked to verify via email to reduce the number of double votes and got asked three questions.

Voting questions
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is the best nightclub in Sweden?
  3. Motivate why this is the best nightclub in Sweden.

To summarize the results, 89% of voters were between the ages 18-23 years old and here is one of the many motivations posted:

“The best vibe, large venue, great decoration, show, dancers, artists, great VIP, great outdoors, awsome music. EVERYTHING”

This quote was for the winner Port Du Soleil in Gothenburg. The survey was conducted over a 2 month period and shared by nightclub staff all over Sweden. Now here is the full list of all 20 nightclubs:

20 best nightclubs in Sweden 2022

1. Port Du Soleil (Gothenburg)

2. Verket (Karlstad)

3. Café Opera (Stockholm)

4. Berns (Stockholm)

5. Park Lane (Gothenburg)

6. Baras Ställe (Stockholm)

7. Hells Kitchen (Stockholm)

8. Excet (Gothenburg)

9. Push (Gothenburg)

10. Yaki-da (Gothenburg)

11. Etage (Malmö)

12. WALL (Stockholm

13. Spy Bar (Stockholm)

14. Trädgården (Stockholm)

15. Ritz (Örebro)

16. Lounge(s) (Gothenburg)

17. F12 (Stockholm)

18. Trädgår'n (Gothenburg)

19. V (Stockholm)

20. Bygget (Åre)

And here is a video of the top 5 best nightclubs in Sweden 2022:

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