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May 28, 2023

All nightclubs in Visby, Gotland

Summer at Visby, Gotland is likely the biggest clubbing event during the year, here is a list of all the nightclubs

All nightclubs in Visby, Gotland

All nightclubs to visit in Visby, Gotland

Swedens probably biggest nightclub event of the year "Stockholmsveckan" is each year taking place at Visby, Gotland during week 29, Monday to Sunday. This is event is incredibily popular among ages 18-24 and like the name suggests young adults born in Stockholm. However, the week is filled with long lines and large crowdes of people, here are three tips when visiting Stockholmsveckan, Visby:

Three for Stockholmsveckan, Visby
  1. Arrive early at the nigthclubs, lines will be long and VIP bands are limited
  2. Use a guestlist, this is often mandatory at every nightclubs. You don't want stand in-line without it. You can find guestlists to all nightclubs on the nightli app.
  3. Girls, don't wear heals (way to rocky road), Guys, don't bring beach bags and similar to the nightclub.

Now, that you prepared for Visby, lets explore all the nightclubs to visit during Stockholmsveckan!

Please keep in the mind that the list might change as new nightclubs often are being during summer.

Find Nightclubs at Visby, Gotland

1. Kallis
The most famous club at Visby, only open during the day with events such as white-party and pink-party.

2. Rosengården
Newly opened venue 2022 with a large outdoor area, available to 18+ guests.

3. Gutekällaren
Classic nightclub located at the town center with 20+ age requirement and strict guestlist.

4. Burmeister (Supper)
Suppers nightclub that opens later at night, hosted by Tjalans in Stockholm.

5. Cube

6. Kasai

7. NOBIS Hotell
Pool party during the day.

8. Munkällaren

9. Tofta Beach Club

Here is a summary of what all the nightclubs at Visby, Gotland looks like:

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When is Stockholmsveckan Visby?

Week 29, starting Monday and ending Sunday

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What is Stockholmsveckan, Visby?

It is a party week when young adults from Stockholm visit Gotland.

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What nightclubs are there in Gotland, Visby?

There are about 5 nightclubs open during summer. More during Stockholmsveckan.

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