MYST and The Public Täby picks nightli

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August 21, 2021
MYST and The Public Täby picks nightli

MYST and The Public Täby picks nightli

Two of Stockholms larger nightclubs for ages 18-21 has selected nightli as their primary platform for the opening events end of August.

The two venues are located at Marie Laveau, Södermalm and at Täby Centrum, North of Stockholm. They are both official business partners of nightli and will be using both the community when marketing events and the business software for guestlist, ticketing, administration and check-in.

We see great potential in nightli's platform and so far really like the guestlist system they provide for our events. This is a long term investment for our venue - Tomas Zhou, Owner, MYST nightclub.

MYST and The Public Täby's first events will be August 27-28 and are all sit-down while corona restrictions remain in place. Many nightli users has already jumped at the announcement and are requesting access to the guestlist on a daily basis in the app. It is safe to say that the partnership has so far been a great success!

First 48 hours MYST recieved requests on almost 350 guests after publishing the event on the app.

MYST and The Public Täby on nightli's map

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